Frustrated with the lack of accountability?

Agency owners are tired of paying for efforts and the amount of time staff tries to get their job done. They want to pay for results -but how? Accountability requires processes, tracking and both positive and negative consequences.

But again — How?

Symphony is designed exclusively to align compensation with how agencies do business. Symphony's totally unique approach to compensation combines proven psychological principles, state-of-the-art findings from neuroscience and time-tested agency growth strategies to deliver the first talent management system for the insurance industry.

Join these agency owners who discovered
Symphony increases profitability, productivity and accountability.

Angie Almond – ECI Agency, OK

Symphony keeps the employees focused on what their role can be to help the agency grow and the owner gets to formalize what they think those key performance indicators will be best for their agency and employees.
Staff gets paid for results and they know exactly what is expected of them. They see their progress, and know how far they have to go to meet their goals.

Sara Bradhaw, SynerDynamics, OK

After growing up in the insurance industry and leading an agency team I discovered that lack of insurance experience is not necessarily a liability. Insurance can be learned but asking an insurance veteran to unlearn the past twenty-plus years can be a genuine challenge.
Our industry needs fresh ideas that reflect the current Millennial-driven market.

Brian Appleton – Insurance Agent’s Summit

Self-tracking for staff performance can be very important with the right culture and done in the right way as us results-based compensation. I believe your approach to compensation offers a simplified approach to show agency owners how their agency is doing from a productivity prospective and creating clear goals and objectives for the employees to improve productivity.

Brian Bernth – Laven Insurance, IN

We can’t just keep giving staff money for showing up for work every day or paying producers to NOT produce. Longevity doesn’t equal good We’re in our 7th year on the program and it still serves a purpose for all of us.
Certain behaviors we’ve always wanted staff to do have now just become routine habits and we’ve been able to change KPIs every year as these behaviors do become habits.

Bruce Jones, Jones Insurance – TX

Symphony has provided an overall-over reaching vision for our staff’s and producer’s behavior with a compensation model and software to back it up. It helps knuckle head & spread thin owners get a handle on #1 expense in their agency. Our staff response has been very good. The ideas and putting it all together are more complex than I originally anticipated but worth the time to grasp.

Denise Johnson, CEO IIAOK

The primary benefit results-based compensation is it keeps me focused and allows me to set goals that are quantifiable and achievable. It allows me to budget KPI incentives with hopes that all incentives are achieved.
I’m not having to pull numbers out of the air any longer but can allow the employees to grow in the parameters that we’ve set.


You know…..I’ve been doing a lot of work myself on where I want to take my business. Taking a deep dive into what it’s going to take. Then comes along Symphony, your baby, a true reflection of your passion for the agency business. A complete system that is simple to adapt to any agent or agency’s FACTS, define its DESTINATION, and fill in the GAPS with all the tools, metrics and documentation to determine if you’re on track to your ultimate goals. I’m excited to begin, knowing I’ve got a system that will mirror my vision of where I plan to take my agency.

Scott Cornelius – ECI Agency, OK

We started using Symphony 4 years ago. It has changed how our team members look at the organization. One part is they get rewarded if the agency grows commission income each month.
The second part is they get rewarded if they do tasks over and above what their regular job duties are. If the team member wants to make more money, the opportunity is there.

Jodie Burns, Wilber Price Insurance – OH

I am truly excited to implement this new system throughout our office! After sitting down with Tom and going over what my KPI’s would be, I feel very excited to start this journey. I was nervous that it would add a lot of extra pressure on my plate but in turn, it has done the opposite. I feel I have a better system to get my work done in the most efficient way possible. Thank you to Tom and his team for getting us on the right track!

Amy Drewl

One of the most difficult aspects of owning and managing an insurance agency is keeping staff focused on their most important functions and to help them identify “what’s in it for me” when the agency reaches its goals. Symphony is simply a brilliant concept!
Ask this question: Are my employees focused on what matters to the insurance agency’s success and growth? If you’re not sure – contact Tom.

Manage processes. Lead people.

Managing people is transactional. Leadership is viral.

“The purpose of a compensation plan should not be to get the right behaviors from the wrong people but
to get the right people on the bus in the first place and to keep them there.”
Jim Collins – Good to Great


Accountability is empowering others to
live by the consequences of their decisions.

“Getting” staff to do their job is frustrating for everyone. Symphony empowers staff to choose between clear positive and negative consequences. Self-tracking makes each individual responsible for their own success. Personal Accountability is especially important with the increase of working remotely.

Psychological Ownership - "Possession"

Psychological ownership takes place when we emotionally own something before we take physical or legal possession.

Symphony transforms compensation from an "opportunity" to a "responsibility”. It’s staff's "job" to do their job. You know they have done their job by the compensation they earn. When staff owns their compensation, they do whatever is needed to avoid losing what they believe is theirs.

Culture of Ownership

A "culture of ownership" is created in which each team member personally feels like a stakeholder in the success of the agency.

Symphony achieves "individual accountability" by assigning “Performance” income based on individual performance. "Revenue Sharing” creates corporate accountability by sharing revenue with everyone when agency revenue goals are met. As a result, Symphony achieves the goal of creating “job owners” rather than settling for “job renters”.

Use most agency management systems to empower staff to self-track their performance

When staff feels that management
cares enough to observe their behavior- productivity increases.

Daily Habits

The objective for KPIs is not compliance but developing lasting habits.

Habits become such a part of everyday life they are difficult to give up. The focus is not, "What does staff need to do?" but "What habits do we want to create?"

Attainable Goals

Goals determine growth.
No goals. No growth.

Dopamine is released when a goal is achieved. Symphony is designed to "set staff up for success" by assigning reasonable and attainable goals staff looks forward to achieving.


KPIs rely on "staff tracking" not
"management monitoring"

Monitoring for compliance by management communicates a lack of trust. Self-tracking, however, is much like knowing the number of steps daily. The objective is to establish personal accountability.

Frustrated trying to manage performance with outdated
spreadsheets and reports?

Symphony is the solution!

  • Staff and Producer results-based compensation plans
  • Over 100 KPIs
  • Job descriptions
  • Compliance reviews
  • PTO/attendance tracking
  • Peer evaluation
  • Organic growth wizard


Key Performance Indicators are self-tracked strategic habits that change behavior by directing staff’s focus on a daily basis.

KPIs apply to all positions in the agency, not just customer-facing and licensed staff.

Account Manager

  • Ask for EFT
  • Ask for Google Reviews
  • Close all suspenses in a timely way
  • Complete account reviews
  • Complete cancellation call-backs
  • Complete claim reviews
  • Develop COI
  • Document agency management system
  • Follow-up on lost leads
  • Get BOR
  • Provide vitual proposals
  • Refer leads to Life department
  • Refer to other departments
  • Update contact information
  • Send customer appreciation cards
  • Send peer recognition cards
  • Write new premium
  • Write new accounts
  • Write package business


  • Ask for Google reviews
  • Ask for referrals
  • Attend networking meetings
  • Completed quotes
  • Compliance review
  • Complete account reviews
  • Completed appointments
  • Cold Calls
  • Customer/prospect thank you cards
  • Deliver cookies to current customers
  • Develop Centers of Influence
  • Google reviews
  • Linkedin connections
  • New accounts
  • New Commercial Umbrella
  • New Cyber
  • New premium
  • New premium from referrals
  • Personal growth & development
  • Post blogs
  • Prepared quotes
  • Refer to Personal Lines
  • Refer to Life
  • Referrals
  • Schedule account reviews
  • Video proposals
  • Write blogs
  • Write Commercial lines package
  • Write Workers Comp


  • Ask for Google reviews
  • Collect social media content
  • Complete staff Compliance Audits
  • Coordinate agency events
  • Coordinate staff meetings
  • Create social media contect
  • Google reviews
  • Intercept phone calls for team members
  • Maintain clienttestimonial book
  • Personal growth and development
  • Prepare reports for management
  • Refill fresh fruit & snacks
  • Schedule Lunch & Learn
  • Thank you/special occasion cards
  • Update Social Media

Office Manager

  • Coordinate staff meetings
  • Create agency org chart
  • Create Employee Handbook
  • Create job postings
  • Document IT resources
  • Individual coaching sesssions
  • Lead staff meetings
  • Maintain agency org chart
  • Maintain/manage all licenses
  • Personal growth and development
  • Prepare reports for management
  • Recognition cards for team members
  • Refill fresh fruit & snacks
  • Schedule Lunch & Learn
  • Schedule meetings with carrier reps
  • Update Employee Handbook
Ever feel like you’re in a tug-of-war with your staff when it comes to change?

Got pain points?

Lack of consistent procedures

Lack of accountability

Having to “get” staff to do their job.

Frustration with relying on spreadsheets from staff.

Staff pushback on change.

Finally, a turnkey, staff-driven solution to
align how you compensate staff with how your agency does business.


  • Live technical support
  • Live KPI support
  • Live hiring support
  • Softward upgrades
  • Compensation reviews for staff and new hires
  • Follow-up calls with Onboarding Coach after implementation

Planning tools

  • Job descriptions
  • Compliance reviews
  • Organic Growth Wizard
  • Producer Compensation


  • Unlimited soft skill training

Technology resources

  • Agency monitor
  • Time Clock
  • Organic growth wizard
  • PTO Tracking

Installation Wizard

  • Easy-set-up wizard to create plans
  • Scheduled onboarding calls


One-time purchase-set-up

$99 per month

Plus $21 monthly per user


Enterprise pricing for 20+ users

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